EMA: How Cherwell Is Transforming Service Management

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Successful ITSM teams were four times more likely to have integrated enterprise services through a central ITSM platform.

Rather than being a reactive island among a storm of customer discontent, a growing number of IT service management (ITSM) teams are evolving into a fully integrated force in transforming IT organizations. Recent EMA industry dialog and research clearly indicated a changing role for IT service management far beyond its traditional boundaries.

This transformation is illustrated in the context of three very telling Cherwell customer deployment stories:

  • A Global Technology Company supporting ITSM operations and facilities
  • A European-Based Public Sector Organization with an IT staff of 1500
  • A North American Insurance Corporation supporting IT and end users across the organization

Read this report about how Cherwell is transforming service management in the context of three very telling customer deployments. The Q&As presented will provide IT teams with narratives about how ITSM-centric technology investments can begin not only to optimize IT but also to deliver critical business-specific values.

Download the report to learn how you can stimulate advances in ITSM and related disciplines to support the more dynamic and business related requirements of the digital age.