IDC Report: How Modern ITSM Fuels Better Healthcare Delivery

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IDC's Top Healthcare Analyst Answers Your Most Pressing IT Questions

What role does ITSM play in the successful management and governance of a complex healthcare IT system such as electronic health records? What's the best way to balance innovation and maintenance activities? How can ITSM and ITAM help healthcare organizations become more efficient?

IDC's latest Health Insights report, "How Modern ITSM Fuels Better Healthcare Delivery," answers these questions and more, including how to:

  • Support legacy environments while absorbing new cloud-based systems
  • Manage new system deployments, like EHRs, more proactively and efficiently
  • Get more value and faster ROI from your ITSM solution
  • Balance growth and maintenance
  • Uncover savings that can be redirected to innovation

Top analyst Lynne A. Dunbrack shares her insights and recommendations for optimizing business operations and patient care with ITSM.