Create a Bullet-Proof Case for Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

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You "get" the value of ESM. But how do you convince others?

The benefits of extending ITSM systems and practices beyond IT are clear. Departments such as HR, Facilities, Legal, and Accounting need modern, automated methods for managing and fulfilling internal requests, and end users expect a unified approach for getting help and resolving issues—no matter what department it involves.

Our eBook, "How to Talk to the Business about Enterprise Service Management," explains how to build the business case for leveraging your ITSM platform and processes across the enterprise—and in so doing, elevating the value of your team in the eyes of the business.

You'll learn how to use ITSM as a business advantage, enabling you to:

  • Automate business processes to increase efficiency and productivity
  • Improve ROI on your ITSM solution, driving more value for less budget
  • Reduce the proliferation of shadow IT
  • Increase continuity across your enterprise technology stack

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