Shift Left: The New ITSM Strategy for Better Service Quality at Lower Cost

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From self-service to AI, how "shifting left" can transform your service desk

“Shift left” is a powerful technique for resolving issues as close to the end user as possible – with significant business benefits. Our new eBook, How to “Shift Left” with IT Service Management, is your toolkit for making it happen.

This detailed guide provides strategic insight and practical tips for how to:

  • Start with self-service – then add automation, knowledge management, and even AI
  • Improve ROI for both people and technology
  • Increase productivity by using resources in the best possible way
  • Boost operational efficiency for time and cost savings Measure and analyze your shift-left initiative
  • Measure and analyze your shift-left initiative

Accelerate your ITSM transformation with this cutting-edge strategy. Download How to "Shift Left" with IT Service Management to get started.