The Low-Code Imperative for Healthcare IT: Access your Survival Guide to Help Minimize Costs and Exceed Your Objectives

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The Difference Between Configuration and Customization - and Why It Matters

Healthcare organizations require customized software to meet HIPAA compliance and EMR security needs, but are also tasked to do more with less. Low-code software meets both of these needs, so you can stay nimble, exceed your objectives, and minimize costs along the way.

In "The Low-Code Imperative for Healthcare IT," you will read how low-code software solutions let you:

  • Maintain, administer, and build the functionality that meets your business goals
  • Reduce your reliance on costly programmers
  • Respond to and initiate changes quickly and efficiently
  • Eliminate the need for clunky change processes
  • Decrease the cost of solution maintenance and upgrades

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