ITSM 2020: How to Develop Your 3-Year Roadmap

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Fast Forward to the Future

It sounds far away, but 2020 is just around the corner. Is your IT organization prepared with a roadmap that positions you and your team for success? Join Jarod Greene, former Gartner ITSM analyst and Vice President of Service Management Strategy at Cherwell Software, for a compelling look at the single most influential trend shaping the future of ITSM—artificial intelligence (AI)—and what the most successful IT teams are doing right now to prepare.

In this webinar, we’ll get past the hype and get down to business, showing you how to build a 3-year ITSM roadmap that positions you and your team for future success with AI.

You'll learn:

  • Types of AI-driven technologies and services that will proliferate the workplace over the next 3-5 years
  • Primary ways the service desk must evolve in order to embrace these next-gen technologies
  • Five prerequisites for a solid AI foundation, and the order in which they should be implemented
  • Capabilities your ITSM platform must support in order to take advantage of AI