Meeting the Challenges of IT Service Management in a Healthcare Setting

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Hear a Panel of Healthcare IT Experts Discuss Innovative Service Management

As healthcare organizations shift to a new model of value, every aspect of operation changes as well. Focusing on the outcome-based care a community receives requires the modern healthcare organization to rely on agile methods of service delivery, all while being conscious of HIPPA regulations and compliance efforts.

While healthcare IT faces unique challenges in delivering cost-effective services in a highly regulated environment, they also experience some of the same challenges that any IT organization sees on a daily basis. Using modern IT Service Management tools to come up with innovative solutions to these challenges is happening now at many hospitals and medical centers across the country.

In this webinar, Bill Weyrick, Director of Information Systems at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, will discuss how his IT organization has innovated the delivery of critical services to better manage the business. He will be joined by Mike McMullen, Cherwell Solutions Consultant, and George Spalding, EVP at Pink Elephant. They will engage in a discussion about modern healthcare IT solutions and take questions from the audience.