Ensure Security and Traceability in 2020 Elections Amid the New Normal

  • Recorded on 2020/04/28
  • Duration - 62 minutes
  • On-Demand Webinar
Cherwell Webinar
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Cherwell and AWS discuss how to create a digital chain of custody for polling equipment

Securing voting and polling infrastructure became a chief concern for election officials with the adoption of electronic voting. And due to COVID-19, many polling sites will be changed and the voting equipment moved to new locations. Reliability, scalability, and traceability will be at the forefront of election officials’ efforts to deliver a secure and efficient presidential election.

During this webinar election experts from AWS and Cherwell will provide perspectives on how customers are using technology to increase voter accessibility and how Cherwell and AWS can help achieve a secure solution. They will discuss how to create a highly reliable and secure digital Chain of Custody for election equipment with their joint offering.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Transform your Chain of Custody records into a digital platform
  • Implement real time identification of issues with Chain of Custody records
  • Track assets, the locations they are assigned to and what the status is of each asset