Case Study Webinar: LA County Elections Goes Digital with New Chain of Custody System

  • Recorded on 2020/07/14
  • Duration - 40 minutes
  • On-Demand Webinar
Cherwell Webinar
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Join Cherwell and LA County’s Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s Office as they detail their engagement around the “Voting Solutions for All People” (VSAP) initiative.

Learn how LA County leveraged Cherwell to build out a new digital-based chain of custody system, paired with new asset and incident management to support the over 5.4 million registered voters across the county.

LA Country Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s Office embarked on an aggressive path to improve the voter experience for over 5.4 million registered voters spanning 4,100 square miles and 13 different languages. Named “Voting Solutions for All People” (VSAP), this initiative brought over 30,000 digital ballot marking devices and 8,000 digital pollbooks to be deployed across nearly 1,000 voting centers. Learn how Cherwell helped establish a new digital-based chain of custody system along with both asset and mobile-based incident management to support this exciting initiative.

This webinar explores:

  • LA County’s “Voting Solutions for All People” (VSAP) initiative
  • The importance of a digital-based chain of custody system
  • The unique requirements this system imposed on asset and incident management
  • The role Cherwell played within LA County’s architecture
  • LA County’s experience through initial project development to implementation