Why an Employee-First Strategy Makes All the Difference - Part 1

  • Recorded on 22/10/2020
  • Duration - 40 minutes
  • On-Demand Webinar
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Improving Employee Engagement Will Lead to Increased Revenue

Through digital process automation (DPA), you can automate tasks and refine workflows. By doing so, you’ll enable a better consumer experience, boost employee engagement, and ultimately increase revenue.

But there’s a catch: 73 percent of all digital transformation efforts fail. Find out how to prevent that outcome in our two-part series on the challenges and best practices involved in implementing a DPA strategy.

Part One, explores the major challenges that organizations face when setting out to define an employee-first strategy:

This webinar explores:

  • Why organizations often lack a broad, cross-functional perspective on key business processes
  • How system silos and manual processes block DPA initiatives>
  • Recommended DPA processes that can have an immediate positive impact on employee experience

Watch the second-part of this series Why an Employee-First Strategy Makes All the Difference - Part 2 webinar here.