Why Traditional ITSM Metrics Will Fail in 2020 - And What to Do About It

  • Recorded on Tuesday, February 19, 2019
  • Duration - 1 hour inc. Q&A
Cherwell Webinar
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Rethink traditional KPIs and metrics

Industry best practices provide IT service desks a wealth of metrics to adopt, and benchmarking data offers guidance on the KPIs to employ. These have both remained virtually static for the last decade or longer. However, a growing reliance on IT services, a rapidly changing technology landscape, and demands that the service desk shift from a cost center to a value center, is forcing IT leaders to re-think and re-define traditional KPIs and metrics. Those who remain complacent in this respect will almost certainly fail to deliver the outcomes the business demands.

This webinar explores:

  • How the evolving workplace and employee expectations are driving the need for new KPIs
  • Why the adoption of self-service, automation, and AI require further changes to your measurement philosophy
  • Metrics you are using today that will no longer be relevant in three to five years
  • Tips for developing a new portfolio of metrics that will position you for future success