Why Enterprise Service Management Will Soon Become IT's Biggest Mandate

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Enter: Enterprise Service Management

As enterprise-wide business processes become increasingly digitized, IT has an opportunity to play a critical role in enabling line-of-business functions outside IT. At the same time, workforce demands for instantaneous and seamless self-service—as well as a single platform for request fulfillment—turn this opportunity into a mandate. Enter “Enterprise Service Management,” an approach that extends service management technology and practices across the enterprise, offering a single record of engagement for users, whether they require services from IT, Human Resources, Legal, Facilities, or any other business function.

Particularly with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies on the horizon, IT teams are racing to offer a unified approach to service delivery and management across the enterprise.

You'll learn:

  • Why “enterprise service management” has emerged as a top IT imperative
  • Examples of top companies extending their service management practices across the organization
  • Practical steps for getting started with enterprise service management
  • How AI-enabled service management will reshape the organization forever