A CIO's Guide to Rethinking IT Service Management

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New approaches to IT service management that are consistent with business-centric mandates

ITSM is now considered a hot spot for enterprise performance—and not just for the IT organization. The timely and strategic delivery of IT services is deemed essential to the digital transformation that has gone from corner office buzzword to boardroom imperative. Still, a lot of senior IT executives have yet to take affirmative steps to rethink the role ITSM plays in helping enterprises become more successful.

ITSM is no longer a tactical process.

Instead of establishing an ITSM operating model based on fixing as many problems as quickly and as cost-efficiently as possible, today’s CIO needs to re-imagine and re-engineer ITSM.

The new approach to ITSM should encompass people, processes, technology and place. In this paper, CIOs will learn important considerations for these four main areas, as well as what to look for in a modern ITSM platform.