ITIL Made Easy: ITSM Processes and Best Practices

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How to Integrate the Right People, Processes, and Technology Automation Solutions

IT service desks increasingly face pressure to maintain excellent customer service, meet business goals and implement new technology. Often, trying to balance these responsibilities can lead to overly complex and redundant processes that can overwhelm your service desk. How do you simplify and remain ITIL compliant in this dynamic environment? Our new white paper “ITIL Made Easy: ITSM Processes and Best Practices” details the step-by-step process to achieving ITSM success using the ITIL framework as your guide.

This whitepaper explains how to:

  • Align the right people, process and technology to encourage integration and automation
  • Identify core ITIL processes to follow, and ideas on how to implement each
  • Assemble the right team, reduce downtime, and measure success
  • Select the best technology solution to meet your needs

How might improving the integration of people, processes and technology move your organization ahead? Use this guide to develop the right formula for your IT service desk.